The CellTech Difference

Our Patented CellTech Panels Hold Up Where Aluminum Does Not.

Constructed from patented CellTech panels, our trailers are unlike any other trailer on the road.

  • High Bending stiffness to weight ratio
  • Extremely durable (10 year warranty!)
  • Made in the USA
  • Patented
  • Skins are hot-dipped galvanized 80ksi steel with an anti-corrosion primer and poly topcoat
  • Core is hot-dipped galvanized steel bonded to the skins with toughened structural adhesive
  • Hot dipped galvanized 80ksi steel
  • Anti-corrosion primer
  • Polyester topcoat
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Toughened structural adhesive


High Capacity Roof

Roof load capacity 1,000 lbs distributed load

Roof Rack

Roof Rack


Decking Load Capacity is 500lbs Per E-Track

High Shelf Load

Shelf Load Capacity is 500lbs Per E-Track

Rugged Ramp

Ramp Load Capacity is 3,000lbs 

The Toughest Trailers On The Planet.

Constructed from patented CellTech panels, our trailers are the first trailers built truly to a professional standard.

  • Integrated Roof Rack with a 1,000 lb distributed load capacity
  • Integrated Ladder for easy roof access
  • Integrated wall tracks (E-tracks) for easy installation of shelves, cabinetry, work benches and more!
  • Transport wheeled equipment easily with a 3,000 lb capacity integrated ramp
  • Versatile access with a standard side door

Thoroughly tested panels for years of rugged use.

Puncture/Dent Tests

CellTech sandwich panel materials are tested for dent and puncture resistance to meet the application’s requirements. We work with our customers to select the type, gauge, and coating of the face sheet materials and then optimize the sandwich thickness to ensure we have a finished product that meets or exceeds expectations.

Compression Tests

CellTech engineers use extensive modeling techniques and tools to optimize the metal type, gauge, and sandwich thickness to ensure we meet the customer’s compression specifications. Our sandwich panel materials are then thoroughly tested for compressive strength to meet the application’s requirements

Bending Tests

CellTech sandwich panel materials are tested using both a 3 and 4-point bending test. Each panel is designed to exceed the maximum the mechanical bending requirements for the customer’s application with the optimal weight and product cost. Our engineers can optimize this bending performance by selecting the most efficient materials used to make the required panel.

Peel Tests

CellTech sandwich panel materials are uniquely developed with a bi-directional core design similar to an egg carton, laminated between two face sheets. Our layers are bonded together using a proprietary aerospace-grade adhesive and tested to meet or exceed peel strengths across a wide temperature range.

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