Engineered trailers, like CellTech, are designed with a focus on longevity, durability, and sustainability using high-quality materials and innovative design features. In contrast, conventional trailers often lack this level of engineering and are designed simply based on what has worked in the past.

CellTech trailers are designed with an aerodynamic wall and roof system that reduces wind drag and improves gas mileage performance. Conventional trailers, on the other hand, often have wavy side walls and roofs that create more drag and negatively impact gas mileage performance.

The exterior walls of CellTech trailers are designed with very stiff, secure wall panels that are flat with a golf ball dimpled face texture to enhance aerodynamic elements. In contrast, conventional trailers often have thin sheets of aluminum that wave and ripple down the road, increasing air flow drag.

CellTech trailer walls have a uniform, aesthetic appearance thanks to the extremely stiff panel wall design with the same face sheet steel on both the inside and outside walls, which makes it ideal for advertising on the exterior walls and securing loads on the interior walls. In contrast, conventional trailer walls often have screws and rivets that make external advertising difficult, and the thin plywood interior walls cannot support significant loads.

The CellTech trailer’s interior and exterior walls are extremely stiff, providing toughness and rigidity to support cargo requirements, supplies, materials, and equipment. In contrast, conventional trailer walls are often built with a lightweight veneer that has no stiffness characteristic to support any significant weight.

CellTech trailers are specifically designed for industrial use, allowing personnel in the field to better perform their jobsite requirements by organizing and compartmentalizing materials and equipment. In contrast, conventional trailers are unable to help jobsite personnel connect and organize materials and equipment due to the walls being unable to sustain significant loads.

CellTech trailers are built to withstand an aggressive work environment, with the objective of the trailer to be capable of meeting the jobs performance requirements with a durability of at least ten years. Conventional trailers have a proven disappointing history when used for industrial use, with a longevity typically only three to five years and the trailer breaking down and falling apart with any aggressive use.

The CellTech panel technology was developed to allow trailers built with CellTech panels to be repaired, and once repaired, they can be as strong as when the trailer was new without any repairs. Conventional trailers are difficult to repair, making it challenging to bring the trailer back to a reasonable state of durability for any long-term period of time.

The CellTech trailer is all steel with no wood, making it outperform against any other trailer that has wood components. In contrast, conventional trailers are built with thin wood sheets that absorb moisture and inevitably deteriorate the structural performance of the wood.

CellTech trailers are all steel, with an air flow panel structure allowing the trailer to be approximately twenty degrees cooler than other trailers in the heat of the summer, making them environmentally friendly. Conventional trailers built with wood throughout the trailer attract moisture and absorb heat, turning the trailer into an uncomfortable hot box, making it difficult to work effectively.

CellTech trailers are 100% recyclable, making them a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice. Conventional trailers are built with various materials that do not provide for recyclability, inevitably becoming landfill waste.

CellTech trailers are built to survive the test of time, with no other trailer manufacturer providing a ten-year warranty on the box of the trailer, including the walls, roof, floor, and ramp, and a ten-year warranty on the frame. In contrast, conventional trailers typically provide only a one-year warranty, with a few extending this a few more years.

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