Meet the Last Trailer
You'll Ever Buy.

The all-steel trailer from CellTech is made from our patented panels that are engineered to take whatever your crews can throw at it. 

Other trailers fail, CellTech Trailers survive.

Would your aluminum trailer hold up like this after flipping on the highway? See the comparison between what happens in a flip to a Celltech Trailer and our competitor’s trailers!


Roof load capacity 1,000 lbs distributed load

Roof Rack

Decking Load Capacity is 500lbs Per E-Track

Shelf Load Capacity is 500lbs Per E-Track

Ramp Load Capacity is 3,000lbs 

What Makes A CellTech Trailer Different?

Constructed from patented CellTech panels, our trailers are the first trailers built truly to a professional standard.

  • Integrated Roof Rack with a 1,000 lb distributed load capacity
  • Integrated Ladder for easy roof access
  • Integrated wall tracks (E-tracks) for easy installation of shelves, cabinetry, work benches and more!
  • Transport wheeled equipment easily with a 3,000 lb capacity integrated ramp
  • Versatile access with a standard side door

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Designed To Be Outfitted For The Way You Work... And Nothing Else.

With 5 sizes, our trailers can be used for just about every job application from light to heavy duty. The infinitely configurable design allows you to make the  trailer your own and the sturdy, all-steel construction ensures you’ll have it as long as you need it.

  • 7x14
  • 7x16
  • 8 ½ x 16
  • 8 ½ x 20
  • 8 ½ x 24 (new)

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